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Booking an appointment to apply for international driving permit is easy with the online service offered by Transport Department. Here you can find out how to use the service, what to take to your appointment and other details of international driving permit application.

12 列 · Application for Direct Issue of Full HK Driving Licence (564 KB) * TD 557 Application for New

TD 63A Application for Direct Issue of Full HK Driving Licence (564 KB)*
TD 557 Application for New Issue, Renewal and Addition Full D (901 KB)*
TD 51 Application for International Driving Permit (Note: Applic (441 KB)*
TD 555 Application for Learner’s Driving Licence (Private Car, L (467 KB)

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Renewing Full Driving Licence Online If you hold a full driving licence and are below the age of 70 (according to the start date of the new driving licence), you can renew it online. Online application for full driving licence renewal ATTENTION

Form Application for International Driving Permit TD51 (PDF), you may also fill in this form online and print a filled version for submission. Supporting Documents You must submit all of the following supporting documents. 1. HK Identity Card (original / copy); 2. Two

A full driving licence may be renewed at any time during the 4 months before its expiry. However, a driving licence that has expired for a period exceeding 3 years is not renewable. In such circumstances, if you wish to re-obtain a full driving licence, you will be

Driving Abroad with International Driving Permit 4.10 How to Obtain Application Forms 4.11 Submission of Application 4.12 Enquiries Appendix A Requirements for Physical Fitness for Driving Appendix B Probationary Driving Licence Scheme for Motor List of

Driving on strength of their valid overseas driving licence or international driving permit if they are visitors to Hong Kong (visitors mean that they arrive at Hong Kong other than to take up residence for a period not exceeding 12 months). 3.1 Apply for a Full Driving

To remind driving licence holders to renew their licences in time, the Transport Department will send them a “Full Driving Licence Renewal Notice cum Application Form” (TD578) printed with a renewal password before the expiry of the licences.

使用運輸署提供的網上服務,你可以通過簡易的步驟,續領正式駕駛執照。本文介紹網上續領駕駛執照的詳情,包括有關費用及所需文件。網上續領正式駕駛執照 如你持有的是正式駕駛執照,年齡為 70 歲以下 (以新的駕駛執照生效日期為準),便可在網上

運輸署提供的網上服務,方便你預約申領國際駕駛許可證。本網頁介紹如何使用此項網上服務、辦理申請時應帶備的文件,以及其他關於申領國際駕駛許可證的詳情。全新網上預約服務 如果你持有香港身份證,而你的正式駕駛執照在你所選擇的預約日期

Online Services for Driving Licences & Tests Internet options are available for multiple services, including application for or renewing of driving licences, booking of driving tests, making an appointment to apply for the International Driving Permit, updating of

This is the fastest method of application for the International Driver’s License. You can easily apply now for the International Driver’s Document using any desktop computer or smartphone. We offer affordable prices, fast delivery options and the most advanced and

An International Driving Permit issued in Hong Kong should be valid for driving in some countries/places, and these countries/places are Contracting States to the International Conventions concluded at Geneva on 19 September 1949. There may be differences or

Appointment booking service for application for International Driving Permit available from this Sunday To further enhance efficiency and bring greater convenience to the public, the Transport Department (TD) will introduce an appointment booking service for

An International Driving Permit is a translation of your national driving license. The IDP allows motorists to drive vehicles in foreign countries. You must always have your IDP along with your national license at all times. To get an International Driving Permit in

Apply for international driving documents, driving permit for drive around the world. We provides international driver’s license online with multiple language translation International Driver’s License International Automobile Association Inc English italiano 中文

Apply now for an International Driver License. Easy way to get a document for driving in other countries. From just $39.99. IDL is useful when you need to rent a car or get an

Are you working hard on the Written Test questions as to get your Driving License? Try our online test and see how knowledgeable you are on the driving and road safety aspects! Click the link below and you will be able to measure your proficiency on the written

表格 國際駕駛許可證申請表 TD51 (PDF) ,你亦可於 網上填寫本申請表,並將申請表列印後遞交。 所需文件 必須遞交下列所有文件: 1. 香港身分證(正本/副本);及 2. 五十毫米長四十毫米闊的正面全新相同近照兩張,照片的背景應無任何裝飾,頭部不可

You can only choose one Licensing Office and one timeslot at the same time for an appointment for renewal of the same vehicle licence or full driving licence or application for international driving permit by the same Hong Kong Identity Card number.

香港駕駛學院 – 學車首選 香港駕駛學院是香港最具規模的政府指定駕駛學校,於1983年成立,是香港首家獲得政府認可之駕駛訓練學校。香港駕駛學院共設有三間安全駕駛中心,分別位於南區鴨脷洲、沙田小瀝源及元朗南生圍,場地每部份均參照國際標準 注意 電子表格支援常用的操作系統及瀏覽器。為了令你能暢順地使用本項服務,請使用任何在「使用香港政府一站通網上服務的系統需求」網頁推介已測試的操作系統﹐詳情請參閱

Select “Appointment for Application for International Driving Permit”. If your licence number is the same as your HKID number, please select “Yes”. If your licence number is not the same as your HKID number, please select “No”. Enter HKID number and / or Driving

International Driving Permits Online If you are traveling out of country in the next year, look into obtaining your international driving permit online. This permit is optional in some countries, but not in every country. However, if you have the IDP you will certainly have a

Apply for an International Driving Permit from the Post Office for just £5.50 for the whole year! Find out more about driving abroad online here. When hiring a car abroad, remember that licence requirements worldwide do vary. If you’re making an advance

HK Identity Card/Passport (Original/Copy); and If a driving licence holder being a non-permanent Hong Kong resident is approved to drive commercial vehicle, he/she must produce his/her Passport (Original and Copy) to show that the applicant is not subject to

2/11/2019 · Thanks to the Geneva International Convention of 1949, drivers in a wide variety of countries and regions around the world with similar standards for obtaining a driving license may use their country-issued license to obtain an International Driving

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If you’re going overseas and plan to drive, having an International Driving Permit (IDP) can minimise inconvenience for drivers in countries where English is not commonly spoken. Containing driving terms in various languages, the IDP eases communication with car

The International Driving Permit (IDP) is a document that provides important information from your driver’s license in eleven different languages, including English. This document came into existence by virtue of a treaty signed in 1949 by the United States and

Are looking for how to apply for international driving license then you are the right place. Today we are going to share how to get international license in india. If you planning for trip out of country and want to drive on international roads then you need international

27/11/2016 · I have a full UK driving license. I do not have a HK driving license, but I do not drive in Hong Kong. I need to get an international driving license. Do I need a HK driving license in order to get an international driving license in HK, or can I use my UK driving license to

We provides online application, mail application, renewal services for your documents. You can also walk in our local office for your registration International Driver’s License International Automobile Association Inc

100% Globally Accepted IDD, get ITCA International Driver’s License document, referred to as the International Driving Permit or Document IDP. All nationals can apply now for the International Driver’s License. international driving control association

27/11/2017 · An International Driving Permit, or IDP, is a special driver’s licence that allows licensed motorists to drive in other countries without further tests or applications. It is proof that the holder possesses a valid driver’s licence, issued by a competent authority, in his or her country of residence

An international driving permit (IDP), often (incorrectly) referred to as an international driving licence (IDL), is translation of a domestic driver license that allows the holder to drive a private motor vehicle in any country or jurisdiction that recognises the document. The term International Driving Permit was

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Driving licences in Hong Kong are issued by the Transport Department. A full driving licence is valid for 10 years (unless the driver is approaching 70 years old in age) and is compulsory in order to drive a motor vehicle.[1] Most driving licences are issued after the applicant passed a driving test for the respective type of vehicles

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How can I apply for an International driving license in Mumbai or another city in India? If you are unable to obtain your application for the international driving license/permit online, you may call ITCA agent in India and the latter will guide you through the process.

You may need an international driving permit (IDP) if you’re driving outside of the UK, EU or EEA. Check what type of IDP you need for driving abroad in future. Apply for Learner/Permanent & International Driving License Permit of Two/Three/Four Wheeler Private/Non-Commercial & Fees Payment/Documents