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She had an intuitive feeling that unless she moved he would not perceive her. Instantly she bent far over toward him with intuitive scrutiny. But I never said a word about an intuitive sense of right and wrong. This may be called the intuitive or subconscious judgment of

Intuitively, Miss MacLauren knew, if she could, she would drink 257of it again. Intuitively and unconsciously 76 Economy is of itself a great revenue. She lived on the edge of a secret she intuitively felt was shameful. It was wonderful how after a quarter of an hour

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Synonyms for intuitively: apparently, at first sight, in all likelihood, instinctively, on the face of it, plausibly, professedly, speciously, tangibly, Ostensively

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He knew, without thinking about it, that the Arangi had been boarded by the hazily sensed supreme disaster of life that all life intuitively apprehends and that only man knows and calls by the name of “death.” Borckman he had seen struck down.

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